The M6 Logistics Park project is located approximately 16 km from the boundary of Kiev on the main highway linking Kiev and Western Europe (UA code: M-06, international code: E-40). 40% of all Ukrainian traffic passes along this highway.

The 54.8 hectare, freehold site lies just a few kilometers from the existing ring road, allowing easy access around Kiev and to other major cities in Ukraine.

In addition, the proposed intersection of the Kiev-Zhytomir highway with the future outer ring road, that can potentially be completed by 2020, is less than one kilometer from the site.


The site has a frontal location on the E-40 highway and very good visibility.

It is on the right side of the highway when travelling towards Kiev from Western Europe.

It is at an optimal distance from the metropolis, especially given that, at present, trucks are forbidden to enter Kiev past the existing ring road.

Rectangular shape allows for efficient layout of warehouse buildings and high FAR.



Land (Legal):
Amstar has successfully consolidated the land from more than 40 individual owners and accomplished its subsequent rezoning.
Current zoning: commercial and industrial use for construction of warehouses, retail and office centers, industrial parks


Land (Geo & Topo):
Flat site with elevation from 170 to 181 m above sea level mark
Rectangular shape
Standard soils suitable for construction, no swamps

Gas – pipeline with a 2,800 m3/h capacity installed, technical conditions for actual connection and supply obtained.
Electricity – technical conditions obtained for electricity connection and supply with capacity for 4 MW.


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